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For far too long the voice of those who wish to harvest fish for dinner has been an afterthought in the regulatory process. Our mission is to help regulators understand the cultural, social and economic importance of the recreational food fishery. Killing more than half of the recreationally caught fish through discarding them to die is not the answer. We can do better. 

To date the deciding voice in fishery management has been driven by an small, elite, well off, segment of the recreational fishing community who have pushed for management practices that demand abundance at the expense of harvest, never considering the mortality caused by releasing millions of fish, never offering to help contribute to a single rebuilding effort. This needs to change. 

The fish we catch recreationally are as important on the dinner table as they are in the water. Healthy stocks are a good thing, sustainably harvested fish is a good thing, the thrill you feel when you catch your own dinner is a good thing. The economic benefits created by your pursuit of dinner is a good thing. We work to make sure these simple concepts are not forgotten. 

Please join us in our mission to preserve your ability to bring a few fish home to eat. 

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